CPWNY aligning with P2 Collaborative and Millennium Collaborative Care to tackle Cultural Competency and Health Literacy

P2 Collaborative is the recipient of the Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) grant. The following goals are key to the success of this initiative: coordinating regional activities to improve population health; establishing a culture of data driven decision making; reduction of health disparities, and launching a regional technical assistance infrastructure. As part of this initiative, CPWNY has teamed up with P2 and Millennium Collaborative Care to begin an assessment of the cultural competency and health literacy approaches of our partner organizations. Our goal as a performing provider system (PPS) is to accommodate the needs of our partners in addressing cultural competency and health literacy through a robust educational strategy.  Efforts will focus on sustainability of this strategy in engaging providers and meeting the needs of our patient population.

For any questions regarding this initiative please contact Patricia Podkulski at ppodkuls@chsbuffalo.org or 716-862-2160.