Sexual Assault Forensic/Nurse Examiner (SAFE) 2020 Training

The Crisis Services is partnered with the International Association of Forensic Nurses’ online SANE Training Course to offer this SAFE training program. This training is available to licensed RNs, NPs, PAs, or MDs that has at least one year of clinical experience. The program consists of “41 hours of online training on national standards, with CEUs,” and “32 hours of classroom training on local procedures and clinical instruction.” Following, a preceptor will be matched to practice, and master skills. After completion of the program, one would have the opportunity to become a NYS DOH-certified SAFE, become a member of the Crisis Services’ SAFE Team, and be able to perform evidence collection.

Upcoming dates for the online and classroom training, and live webinar can be found here.

More information about Crisis Service’s training can be found on their website.