The work of Community Partners of WNY is guided by a member advisory committee comprised of representative participants in the initiative.  As part of the initiative, CPWNY has established a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) where we get input from our partners and the community on the progress of our projects. Feedback from partners, patients, and families can provide valuable information necessary to provide good care to patients.  It is through this sharing of ideas and opinions that we will come to understand and most closely meet health care needs of the people we serve.


We value the input of our patients, families and caregivers of patients of CPWNY physicians and partners and encourage active sharing of ideas, concerns and suggestions. We will host meetings of the PAC quarterly, where participants will be part of a group discussion about our projects, which are targeted at improving care for the Medicaid population. This group is asked to give input on such topics as:

  • Feedback on our projects
  • Program access issues
  • Real or possible cultural, structural, or communication barriers
  • Thoughts on gaps in care


Membership of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) is representative of all groups involved in the PPS, including the patients served.  CPWNY wants to reflect the experience and opinions of patients who seek care through our hospitals and doctor offices.  The CPWNY PAC members should be comfortable sharing their opinions with a group and be respectful of other points of view.

Meetings and Presentations:

PAC Meeting Update, October 17, 2019 PAC Presentation Materials

PAC Meeting Update, June 11, 2019 PAC Presentation Materials

PAC Meeting Update, March 18, 2019 PAC Presentation Materials

PAC Meeting Update, December 10, 2018 PAC Presentation Materials

PAC Meeting Update, September 17, 2018 PAC Presentation Materials

PAC Meeting Update, June 19, 2018 PAC Presentation Materials

PAC Meeting Update,March 20, 2018 PAC Presentation Materials


If you are interested in participating in an upcoming Project Advisory Committee meeting, click here for the PAC meeting contact form.  Additional feedback can be submitted to